Notes from the First Session

Mr. White's company is called TASC. It originally stood for "The Aero Space Company(or Corp.)" but its official name is now its acronym (like IBM, TSR); pronounced "task".

Your real job titles are "paranormal investigators". That's heavily classified, of course. Officially you are members of TASC research.

TASC does a lot of subcontracting from Boeing, Lockheed, McD, et al. They had a bit to do with the Hubble Space Contact Lens.

Mr. White has an office in the same building as the rest of you, in which he spends about 5% of his time. He's occasionally visible through his open door with his feet up on his desk, reading Clive Barker or talking through a speakerphone to a flunky.

The Saturday that Nora disappeared was Oct 23, 1993.

By Tuesday morning the twisted bridge girder will be in the sub-basement of Research. About half of the normals who look at the girder can see that it's twisted; the other half become anxious, look away, and don't want to talk about it. (The latter group includes most of the materials scientists and civil engineers on the staff.)

Events later in the session:

VI eliminated the possibility of the limo being a rental, and is doing legwork to narrow down the possibilities for whose limo it is.

Nora's mother turned over Nora's diary to Genni; I will present you with all pertinent information at the beginning of next session. Briefly: (a) Nora could probably win a statewide or even national poetry-writing contest; (b) she met a man she refers to only as "H", who she says warned her of danger and claimed he was going to protect her.

Slade found the dug-out area under the house a very comfortable place to rest. The spot is directly underneath Nora's bed. Two months ago Nora rearranged her room and placed her bed in its curent location, insisting on this arrangement over her mother's objections. She claimed she didn't want her bed near the window.

More about the bridge incident. I don't know where you left, but:

	There was a police report of activity on the access under the
	Golden Gate bridge at 3-4 AM Sunday.  That's why the police line
	tape was there.  The police were responding to reports of gunshots
	under the bridge, and though hampered by heavy fog, they found a
	body.  The victim was reported to be in his early '20s and Chinese,
	with no identification. Cause of death on the preliminary police
	report was "burn wounds".

Sometime on Sunday, a rich and powerful well-known Chinese man called from overseas to claim the body of a young realtive, and used a combination of lawyers, flunkies, and the Chinese Embassy in Washington to arrange for the body to be sent to China at the earliest possible time. The autopsy was completed on Sunday and the body flown out on Sunday night.

At about 4 AM Sunday, AAA rescued a car that was northbound on the Golden Gate and disabled halfway across. The empty gas thank was found to contain a bullet and a bullethole in the bottom. Gasoline traces were found around the bridge access area. The official police report is that a gunshot holed the tank of the overhead passing motorist, which splashed gasoline on the victim, which subsequently ignited. Brad is skeptical (actually, skeptical doesn't really cover it).

I have a list from Genni of leads which you intend to follow.

Genni's list


[Most answers from Hank, I believe - CB]