Genni and Slade's Coat Quest

Slade has been learning all sorts of werewolf trivia, and decides that a Bone Gnawer item (a 'coat of many things', sort of) would be really keen to have. After talking and negotiating with the BGs and their spirits, he is quested to steal a talisman from the local Glass Walkers -- a coin that evidently brings wealth and good luck.

Slade works out an elaborate plan, which successfully swaps out the coin for a carefully-constructed fake -- but he finds that the coin he swapped for was itself fake, with an aura but no real power.

The Glass Walkers approach VI right about this time, saying that someone or something has stolen a talisman of theirs and attempted to implicate Slade. They approached the chantry because Slade was involved, and approached VI because she's trained as a private investigator. [Apparently they would not have noticed Slade's elaborate fake coin if they had not noticed the poor fake first.]

[Slade is doing something with coins. I don't recall what; doctoring them up to try and find the real one by sympatheticmagic or something. He notices he's dropped one on the floor. When he goes to pick it up he notices one by the door of his room. Soon he's following a trail of coins into the Umbra.

Meanwhile Genni was watching people in a cafe around the corner. I don't recall why, either. She was trying to find clues to something. Anyway, Genni meets this interesting guy and they chat for a bit, then go for a walk in the Umbra. At one point it gets cold and the guy gives Genni his coat. Then the guy ducks out for a minute, Genni picks up a coin from the ground, and Slade shows up, recognizing the coat. Coyote, who was the guy all along returns to gloat and explain. There are some recriminations, as it turns out only Genni can use the coat (which allows the wearer to pull any small generic item out of the pockets.)

As part of a deal with Coyote, as Slade now wants some return on his investment, he gets Coyote to answer five questions. Genni and Slade huddle to decide what questions to ask. The first three I no longer recall, but they were the obvious ones the Chantry as a whole wanted answered at the time. Slade insists that they ask "Where is Enoch, City of the Dead", without giving a good reason why. Genni counters that if Slade can ask an obviously personal question, she gets one, too. Slade agrees.

Genni asks Coyote, "Who am I?" Coyote answers, "You are Imogen Hotchkiss. To some you are a Messiah, to others you are a Threat from Beyond. You have a most unusual Avatar, whose secrets I do not kn ow, but I could find out. And you have lived before, but never quite fulfilled your Destiny."]

The team works at mildly cross purposes for a while, until things are sorted out: the coin was originally stolen by a (or for all we know "the") Coyote spirit, as a joke and as a way to meet Slade. After a merry chase, Coyote becomes a sort of Slade-familiar, and they retrieve the coat, only to find that Genni can use it but Slade can't... Slade finds all of the tricks that reality is playing on him very frustrating, but Coyote winds up becoming useful later (see Chryse's introduction, for example).