Spring Summer Autumn Winter

1219 -=-=-=-=- Offered "Secret Alexandrian Proposal" during Tribunal, 16th of April. Journeyed from Antioch to Alexandria. [Arrived the day after the Winter Solstice. (+1 xp, Awareness 2->2+1)]
1220 Disputatio with Nespherenius (+3xp, Replicae 0->2) [Recruited Fajid, impersonated Djinn. (1 xp, Speak Arabic 1->1+1)] Artes Liberales disputatio (+3xp, Artes Liberales 0->2) Artes Liberales disputatio (+3xp, Artes Liberales 2->3) [Explore Lake Faiyum area (+1xp, Speak Arabic 1+1->2)] Study Rego Summa (Re 8->9+8)
(annual xp, Awareness 2+1->2+2)
1221 Disputatio with Nespherenius (+3xp, Replicae 2->3) Copy Intellego Summa (18 levels) Study Rego Summa (Re 9+8->11+4) Copy Intellego Summa (finish)
(annual xp, Awareness 2+2->3)
1222 Disputatio with Nespherenius (+3xp, Replicae 3->3+3) Current Season
[Explored and mapped canal labyrinth of Nephthys Barge (+1 xp, Concentration 3->3+1)]
Study Rego Summa (Re 11+4->12+9)
Study Rego Summa (Re 12+9->13+13)
1223 Spring Summer Autumn Winter
1224 Spring Summer Autumn Winter
1225 Spring Summer Autumn Winter