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BLUESKYZ PRODUCTIONS INC. IS A COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY DEDICATED TO HELPING PEOPLE REALIZE THEIR GREATEST MEDIA VISION. Blueskyz tailors each production to service the needs of it’s clients and bring the highest production value possible. Tantalizing the senses with powerful, exciting and emotional media experiences Blueskyz creatively uses art and technology to energize any message.

Blueskyz has positioned itself to be on the cutting edge of high quality production by blending the expertise of Hollywood and film with digital domain of video, stereoscopic 3D and Web TV. Pioneering big screen projections for live multimedia events Blueskyz has enjoyed a world stage expressing new and exciting media possibilities.


Blueskyz supports programming which expands the human potential. Blueskyz brings new dimensions to travel, entertainment and corporate communications projects. This includes a group of shows on Native wisdom, communication with dolphins and an interview series on living in balance with natural systems. Choosing Blueskyz for your next production realizes your highest media vision.

Bradford Reed is the founder and key producer for Blueskyz.  Please see his bio for more information on his accomplishments and experience.

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