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The Four Directions Festival is a musical gathering of tribes to honor the Earth and send a message of Peace to the World. The major races of the planet, Red, White, Yellow, Black, are One.

The American Indian symbol of the Four Directions guides the festival showing the unity of all life. The Four Directions festival takes the power of this center and graces the planet with blessings. It honors a call from the East and opens a new channel of intertribal cooperation.

Hosted by American Indians in the Fall of 2001 the festival brings together spiritually powerful performers of the Four Directions. The stage will be high tech meets primitive with a huge video portal and rock art. Story tellers will bring messages of enlightenment and peace between music sets. Satellite links will carry messages to and from the festival. An "Earth Song" will be offered from the central fire.

The first show of 10-20,000 people staged in the San Francisco area will have sponsorship of all forms. Booths will allow sales and demonstration of progressive goods and therapies. Banners and a myriad of customized promotional packages exist for investors.

The festival is the cornerstone for a multimedia stream yielding the "Festival America" TV show, compilation CD, live recordings and the new record label, The Four Directions. The long range goal is to provide the revenue to fund similar shows annually in Europe, Asia and Africa.

The Four Directions Festival is an important event for our time. It rallies the tribes intending celebration and healing. Sending messages of peace and harmony to the Four Directions this festival is a flashpoint for new consciousness. We are Borderless. We are One.

Mitakuye Oyasin.



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